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UPDATE Sudan: Jalila Khamis released

January 20, 2013

This is an update on the altert: Sudan: Jalila Khamis formally charged and facing execution. Original action alert below.


UPDATE: After 10 months in the detention Jalila Khamis, the Nuba woman activist, had been released today for lack of evidents after the charges against her were dropped today. Jalila had been detained on March 14th , 2012 for her in helping the IDPs from her home region in Nuba mountains, and was formally charged in December 2012. 






Original alert


On December 13th, 2012 after 9 months in detention without charges, Jalila Khamis, the Nuba woman activist has been presented to court today, facing serious charges that could lead to her execution. Jaila today had been formally charged with "undermining the constitutional system" under article 50 , and "waging war against the state" under article 51, in addition to article 53 "Espionage against the country", article 21 "criminal joint act", article 66 "publication of false news" , all this charges under the Sudanese criminal law of 1991. The court took place in Khartoum north courts. Because of the absence of the witnesses the judge delayed the court to 18th of December.

Jalia khamis is a 45 years old mother of 5, a  teacher and a Nuba women human rights defender, she had been arrested March 14th , 2012  at 2:00AM from her house and taken wearing her sleeping clothes , her family didn’t knew her whereabouts for two days , where she had been detained by the Sudanese security . she had subjected to torture, verbal abuse, and had been detained in solitary cell in the security detentions in Omdurman for 2 and half month, and in the past two weeks she had been transferred to the regular prison on Omdurman women prison , where she is finally had the chance to connect with the outside world after 4 month of detention and investigation, which led to her have health problems among them high blood pressure.

The Sudanese WHRD’s Project and Arry organization for human rights call on the Sudanese Government to release respect Jalila right to access to lawyers and

respect the international standards of justice and insure Jalila fair , public and just trial. We also call them to insure her full access to proper healthcare.

Please sign this petition and



HE Omar Hassan Ahmad Al Bashir

Office of the President

People’s Palace PO Box 281

Khartoum, Sudan

Fax: +249 183 782 541

Salutation: Your Excellency


Minister of Justice

Mohammed BusharaDousa

Ministry of Justice, PO Box 302

Al Nil Avenue

Khartoum, Sudan

Fax: +249 183 764 168

Email :

Salutation: Your Excellency

And copies to:

Minister of Interior

Ibrahim Mohamed Hamed

Ministry of Interior

PO Box 873

Khartoum, Sudan

Also send copies to diplomatic representatives accredited to your country.