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Baidarie Sialkot Commemorates 16 Days of Activism

Publication Date: 
December 7, 2011


Date of Activity


Baidarie will hire the services of cable channels and advertising company to regularly keep the slides containing anti-violence slogans on display for the purposes of popular awareness raising and help line numbers of services providers to female survivors of violence.

20 Nov, 2011

to 20 Dec,  2011


Baidarie will conduct 40 village level awareness raising seminars.  It is estimated that 1600 male and female participants (Community influentials, local journalists, Khatibs, Pesh Imams, CBOs/NGOS and Social/political/Human rights activists) would attend each of these seminars. Resource persons would provide orientation on law on VAW and Women Rights In Pakistan, Pernicious impacts of discriminatory, exploitative and violent practices against women, need, utility and importance of collective and organized efforts for protection of women rights


20 Nov, 2011

to 8 Mar,  2012

Activity 3: Press briefing at Sialkot  Press Club on 16 Days Activism Campaign

25th Nov, 2011

Activity 4: Celebration of Women Day on VAW and GBD in 6 UCs of Sialkot District

25th Nov’ 2011

to 10 Dec, 2011

Activity 5: Display of Documentary  on Multimedia  in 6 UC of District Sialkot

27th Nov’ 2011

to 29th Nov’ 2011

Activity 6: Interactive community theatre performance in 6 UC of District Sialkot

30th Nov’ 2010

to 03 Dec, 2011

Activity 7: Poster competition & speech competition  of 9 selected school  on Ending Violence against Women at Baidarie office Sialkot

05 Dec, 2011

Activity 8: Community dialogue on status of women in society & property Rights of  women in 6 UCs

6th Dec, 2010 

Activity 8: Radio programme ( covering previous days celebrations and announcement of Advocacy session on 10 Dec, 2011 )on FM

07  Dec,  2011

Activity 9: Pariya (Meeting)Village base study circle on Ending Violence against Women in 6 UC

08th   Dec,  2011

Activity 10: Advocacy session with the legislators/ parliamentarians on the rights of women Based on the reports of the national/international CSOs working on the same issues, the gaps in the policies, laws and procedures hindering access to justice and protection and promotion of the rights of women will be exposed/ highlighted before the parliamentarians.60 social, political and HR activists and media persons will attend the session

10th Dec, 2010

Activity 10: District Change Makers(6 Core Group) walk in District Sialkot

 10th Dec,  2011