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Shirkat Gah Commemorates 16 Days of Activism

Publication Date: 
December 7, 2011

Shirkat Gah has collaborated with 31 partner Community Based Organizations across four provinces of Pakistan in 26 districts to celebrate 16 Days of Activism campaign this year.

Multiple and diverse events are organized to help promote awareness, not only on the incidence and kinds of violence against women, but also the protections and procedures available to the women survivors in cases of VAW (especially physical violence).

There are close to 100 events planned with community members, teachers, students, religious figures, parliamentarians, government officials and the media.

Events include:

1.      Media – 10 events

  • Press conferences, briefings and ceremonies in Press Clubs to promote awareness of  VAW, the 16 Days Campaign and the theme for 2011 "From Peace in the Home to Peace in the  World: Let's Challenge Militarism and End Violence against Women!"
  • Meetings with the media for awareness on VAW and legislation on Anti-Harassment.
  • Gender sensitization training of Media (print and electronic), focusing on gender sensitive reporting on incidences of VAW and the promotion of positive images of women in the media.
  • Running Anti-VAW messages and jingles on radio stations and local cables
  • Diseminating information on the annual 16 Days Campaign through Local News Papers
  • Hosting Talk Shows (live calls) on FM Radio around the theme of ending violence against women

2.      Community Awareness Sessions and Discussion

Thirty-One awareness seminars/dialogues/discussions were held across the village, district and provincial levels with community members, lawyers, teachers, religious scholars, students, police, women’s shelter staff, doctors and district administration. Activities included:

  • Panel discussions with scenarios of VAW involving various service providers. This two way exchange between community members and service providers also helps provide information on challenges faced by community members in accessing services.
  • Multiple awareness sessions in diverse work places on the harassment of women at the work place, the newly promulgated Anti-Harassment legislation, possibilities for recourse, and  help with implementation of the legislation
  • Awareness session with religious scholars on VAW. Encouraging religious scholars to talk about VAW in Juma sermons,  audio-recordings by religious scholars were also produces and shared with Shirkat Gah
  • Dialogues on gender disparity, VAW, women rights & Muslim family laws, as well as the distribution of IEC materials on VAW and sexual harassment at work, were organized across Pakistan.

Twenty-Five students related activities include:

  • Study circles/Quiz competitions/Puppet Show in schools to engage with campaign    
  • Poster and speech competitions on CVAW
  • Awareness sessions in schools/colleges on the newly promulgated legislation on Anti-Harassment and recourse to remedy
  • Awareness session with youth on Women's Rights
  • Film screenings on CVAW in colleges

3.      Internally Displaced Persons

  • 11 Awareness raising sessions on VAW- Protections, procedures, supports and strategies of resistance in 11 Women Friendly Spaces across Pakistan
  • 2 Awareness sessions/discussions with Internally Displaced Persons from floods in 2 camps in Sindh

4.      Community Awareness- 15 Rallies and Theater performances on:

  • Physical VAW
  • Denial of land rights
  • Son preference
  • Denial of education to Women
  • Sexual harassment
  • 2 Wall chalking campaigns with messages against WAW and contact information for support of survivors of VAW
  • ID Card Registration Camp to promote women's participation in politics and to help with obtaining relief from the government

5.      Reproductive Health- denial of RH as VAW – 6 events

  • 4 Counseling Sessions on RH issue in an SG research site in Punjab
  • Reproductive Health Camp to provide information and services on RH
  • STDs care and prevention, lecture by Medical doctors

6.      Engagement with Parliamentarians and Political Workers – 4 events     

  • Meetings with female / male / MPA for the promotion of domestic violence bill in provincial assembly of Balochistan
  • Advocacy session with parliamentarians and legislators
  • Awareness Workshop on political violence against women