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Solidaritas Perempuan Commemorates the 16 Days of Activism

Publication Date: 
December 7, 2011

Solidaritas Perempuan is a woman's rights organization that is currently organizing a campaign series 'Women Without Worries' to commemorate the 16 days of Activism to Stop Violence Against Women. The campaign involves harnessing students’ enthusiasm to stop violence against women, whether on campus or in the surroundings areas. Solidaritas Perempuan supports students as agents of change in their work to campaign against violence on campus. 


1.     BYCICLE PARADE ON CAR FREE DAY! November 27th, on Jakarta. This actions opened will open the series of Becoming a Woman Without Worry of Debt Campaign. Similar actions also will take place all over Indonesia such as on Aceh, Kendari, Makasar during Campaign of 16 days Without Violence Against Woman

2.     Release and Media Briefing of Women Circumcision as Human Rights Violation as part of the campaign to invite medias to participate on public, during November 29th, 2011

3.     Distribution of 1 sheet of Leaflet Anti-Violence Against Women Campaign that distributed throughout forums organized above and other forums during campaign.

4.     International Flash mob We Can Day on November 30th, 2011. This event invited public and college students to move their body and stop violence against women. This event will take place at Blok M Square

5.     Student Speak Out To Stop Violence Against Women and Radio talkshow on Desember 1st, 2011 on RTC UI FM by performing the figure of female student that can share with the radio community about the importance of pluralism and the understanding of violence against women on the name of religion.

6.     Sexuality and Islam Discussion. Was Merupakan Paper Discussion of Ziba Mir-Hosseini's work on Criminalizing Sexuality on campus area that became forum to campus community to talk about women’s body on Indonesian context with open mind and with perspective of women’s human rights. The plan is, on the event this discussion will also work together with FISIP UI Centre of Gender and Sexuality Study (Pusat Kajian Gender dan Seksualitas FISIP UI). This discussion will also include Islamic and women’s perspective together with Neng Dara Affiah (Komnas Perempuan) or Nur Iman Subono (FISIP UI Centre of Gender and Sexuality Study). This discussion will take place at FISIP UI and will be held on December 8th, 2011 starting from 13.00 – 16.00.

7.     Movie Playing of The Day I Became Woman[4] at the office of Solidaritas Perempuan that can become information discussion on the college students level about their experience and knowledge of women’s body. This discussion will invite Irwan M. Hidayana[5] (FISIP UI Centre of Gender and Sexuality Study)  and Valentina Sagala (Woman Institute - Institut Perempuan)[6]

8.     Social Media Campaign via Facebook, Twitter and Blog using hashtag #CVAW.

Campaign series above will take place in cooperation of Solidaritas Perempuan, Himpunan Mahasiswa Antropologi FISIP UI, FISIP UI Centre of Gender and Sexuality Study, We Can International, RTC UI FM (Students’ Radio) and Thank you for your support as  the Violence is not Our Culture network!