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The Human Rights Crisis in Northwest Pakistan

Publication Date: 
June, 2010
Amnesty International

A comprehensive report of the human rights and humanitarian crises in the Northwestern province of Pakistan by Amnesty International in the context of the Taleban's control of some parts of the province and armed conflict with the Pakistan military. 

Some four million Pakistanis have been caught in a human rights and humanitarian crisis that has gripped northwest Pakistan since 2004. The conflict and associated insecurity have displaced hundreds of thousands of Pakistanis. Many of them suffer from serious food and water shortages, and have insufficient access to other basic needs such as health care and education. This report documents how this crisis was precipitated by violations of international humanitarian law, as well as human rights law, by both the Pakistani government and insurgent groups.




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Attached below is the section on the impact of imposed social norms by the Taleban on women and girls in the controlled territories.