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News and Views: December 2008

Stoning of a woman is upheld

Translated by: Rochelle Terman, SKSW Campaign from the original Persian, Rooz Online.

The 27th Iranian Court District approved of the stoning of a Afsaneh, woman from Shiraz, Iran.

'Honour' killing': An essential term: ICAHK

The International Campaign Against Honour Killings recognises 'honour killing' as a particular cultural manifestation of cultural violence. We believe:

Turks turn blind eye to 'honour killings'

When a Turkish man rescued his daughter after she was abducted by a gang that forced her into prostitution, he was hailed a hero by many in the country. But people in his own home region of south-eastern Anatolia turned against him, because he refused to do what traditional laws of family honour say must be done in a case like this: kill the girl.

“My daughter did not go voluntarily,” the man, who did not want to be identified in order to protect his 18-year-old daughter, told Turkish newspapers last month. “Why should I kill her?”

Nordic angle on forced marriage and honour crime

Nordic co-operation to provide refuges for the victims of forced marriage and honour crimes is absolutely necessary, it emerged from a conference in Oslo, 4-5 December. It is also crucial that the Nordic countries discuss mutual experiences of the two phenomena.

Surjit Athwal's daughter launches helpline

A CAMPAIGNING teenager determined to see her mother’s killers brought to justice has launched a regional helpline first piloted on Teesside.

"Honour killing" punishable under Islamic law: Sharia Court

Muzaffarnagar (PTI): Close on the heels of three cases of suspected honour killings in the district, a Shariat Court here has ruled that such crimes should be treated as murder and are punishable under Islamic law.

"Islam does not permit illicit relationship, but killing a girl for this reason is a cold-blooded murder and is a serious offence under the Islamic law," chairman of Shariyat Court Maulana Irfan Mufti Zulfikar said.

Palestinians join UN agencies in denouncing honour killings and gender abuse

5 December 2008 – Eight United Nations agencies have co-sponsored the first Palestinian ‘festival’ to combat violence against women, driving home the message that so-called “honour killings”

Women break silence over 'honour killings'

THE Abu Ghanem clan has lost another of its women, the ninth in eight years killed for supposedly breaching the family's honour.

Hundreds of honour killings in Turkey since 2001: report

ANKARA: Honour killings have claimed the lives of nearly 350 men and women in Turkey since 2001, a report said this week.

Crime study on ‘honour’ killings

WEST YORKSHIRE has been at the forefront of a study into so-called honour crime.

The county has been one of four areas nationwide closely studying the scale of the problem.

Iraq: Hitman charges $100 a victim as Basra honour killings rise


Fathers and husbands who openly hire assassins on the streets of the city are going unpunished

Book: Sharia and Islamic Jurisprudence Allow for Abolition of the Death Penalty

Book: Sharia and Islamic Jurisprudence Allow for Abolition of the Death Penalty

Arabic translation of “Right to Life” by Emad Baghi

Jewish ‘modesty patrols’ sow fear in Israel

Some terrified that mere perception of impropriety could ruin their lives

Mozambique: Widows at risk of HIV infection from Purification Rites

BEIRA, 17 November 2008 (PlusNews) - When Mariana Uchandidhora's husband was killed in a traffic accident in South Africa a year ago, tradition required that she have sex with her deceased husband's brother in order to be purified.

Uchandidhora, 36, refused, arguing that her brother-in-law was much younger than she was, but the family found an older man from outside the family to carry out the ritual, known as "khupita khufa". Two months later she discovered that she was both pregnant and HIV-positive.