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News and Views: February 2009

Cardiff Council hosts conference to tackle 'honour' abuse

Published by Hannah Wooderson for in Local Government
Monday 23rd February 2009 - 4:40pm

WE SAY: Women have suffered in silence

‘…what is most appalling is the PNG government’s lax attitude to the repeated abuse of women in its society. Despite women activists staging protests, demonstrations and walkouts in the country’s parliament, all the country’s leaders have done is pay lip service to the problems’

A Collection of Statements Concerning the Murder of Aasiya Hassan

Many thanks to for linking to these statements.

From Muslimah Media Watch:

SOFA in Iraq: Would you marry your rapist?

Yanar Mohammed, President of the Organisation of Women's Freedom in Iraq ( compares the States of Forces Agreement to forced marriage witha rapist (

Don't blame the victims of violence against women

Hamida Ghafour

As a woman travelling and working alone in the Islamic world I am sometimes not subject to the same rules as my male colleagues, which has its advantages.

WEST AFRICA: Female Genital Mutilation Knows No Borders

PRETORIA, Feb 6 (IPS) - Laws against female genital mutilation are driving the practice underground and across borders, says UNIFEM.

Sachet for stronger law to eliminate dowry violence

Celebrating the first ever National Women’s Day on February 12 (today), the Society for Advancement of Community, Health, Education & Training (Sachet) launched two posters with the Fight Against Do

Woman uses new forced marriage laws sucessfully

Lancashire Police obtained its first ever Forced Marriage Protection Order against the unnamed woman's father.

Morocco rape law oppresses women: Activists

Saturday, 07 February 2009

Says forcing a victim to marry rapist is a crime

RABAT (Hassan al-Ashraf)

Egypt's Villages Fight Female Genital Mutilation

Egypt's Villages Fight Female Genital Mutilation

By Womens Feature Service

Doubts About German 'Honor Killing'


Doubts About German 'Honor Killing'

By Gisela Friedrichsen

Jordanian gets 6 months for double ‘honor killing’

AMMAN: A Jordanian man who killed his unmarried sister and her Syrian lover “to defend the family’s honor” has been jailed for six months after the court found mitigating circumstances, a legal

Upon dead bodies

Even the courts can't stop 'honour killings'. The police often collude.