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Stoning to be omitted from Iran penal laws

Head of the Majlis judiciary commission Ali Shahrokhi says stoning, heresy and cutting hands will be omitted from Iran's penal laws.

Ottawa man guilty in 'honour killings' of sister, fiance

OTTAWA - A "twisted sense of values'' led an Ottawa man to murder his sister and the man she loved, the judge in an honour killing trial said Saturday.

When the price of honour is too high

When the price of honour is too high

Suha Philip Ma’ayeh, Foreign Correspondent

Gay killings on rise in Iraq?

BAGHDAD, May 28 (UPI) -- About 30 people have been killed in Iraq in the past three months because they were homosexual or believed to be gay, a U.N. agency says.

Number of Honor Killings in Europe Higher Than Thought

A report compiled by the Council of Europe warns that the killings of women by family members to protect their so-called honor is far more extensive in Europe than previously believed. The report was published by the council's gender equality committee at a meeting in Istanbul.

The draft report calls for immediate action to deal with what it describes as the growing problem of honor killings. British member of parliament John Austin, prepared the report.

Rotterdam trialling plan against forced marriages

Rotterdam council has started a trial to prevent girls being forced into arranged marriages during the holidays. Every year, dozens of girls with a Moroccan, Turkish and Pakistani background fail to return to the Netherlands after the holidays. In the pilot, pupils will be asked to sign a declaration in which they indicate they do not want to enter an arranged marriage. If a pupil is then forced into an arranged marriage, the school can call in the police.

'Honour' crimes have no place in English law, says judge

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'Honour' crimes have no place in English law, says judge

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* Afua Hirsch, legal affairs correspondent

Ayse Onal shines light on Turkish 'honor' killings

Journalist Ayse Onal's work, which got her blacklisted, has ranged from Kurdish separatism to Turkish Hizballah. Her recent book and documentary about "honor" killings taps into regrets of men who carry out these killings.

ISTANBUL, Turkey (WOMENSENEWS)--For years, coverage of so-called honor killings in Turkey took the perpetrator's side, describing them as heroes and their victims--typically young women accused of harming their family's social standing by committing adultery or engaging in premarital sex--as deserving of their bloody fate.

Honour killing: the rot within

Reports of honour killings continue to surface from across Pakistan, but in many cases the crime goes unreported. There is little distinction between urban and rural areas when it comes to subjecting women and their alleged suitors or husbands to violence, often resulting in death or mutilation.

Top court lenient on 'honor killing'

ISTANBUL - The top appeals court has upheld a lower court’s decision to be lenient on those who are found guilty of honor killing because the two families in Diyarbakır involved in the case faced s

Attempt to tackle rise in Europe’s 'honor crimes'

ISTANBUL - A report prepared by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe in an attempt to tackle the increasing rate of ’honor crimes’ across Europe says the problem has worsened in Eur

Blood feuds plague Kurdish regions

A massacre in the village of Bilge was the bloodiest example to date of the barbaric way in which disputes between rival clans are settled. Masked assailants gunned down 44 people -- including the bride and groom and six children -- in the village square last week.

Bilge -- Honour comes before everything in Kurdish regions of Turkey and blood is cleansed with blood -- with a machine gun if necessary.

Sudan: Darfuri Woman Refugees 'Live in Fear of Rape'

Darfuri women who have fled as refugees to Chad live in fear of being raped and as a result ostracized by their families, says a new study.