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Arab Guide on Engaging Men & Boys to End Violence Against Women

May, 2010
KAFA-Lebanon, Oxfam Great Britain

Women & Men - Hand in Hand Against Violence

Beirut – The global aid agency Oxfam Great Britain, along with Lebanese women’s rights organization, KAFA, today released Direct link to Arabic language Training Manual
a groundbreaking publication that will play a pivotal role in bringing men across the Arab world into the fight to end violence against women.

'Deviant victims' and 'deficient men'

November, 2008
Dr. Azza Baydoun

Dr Azza Baydoun has analysed every ‘honour killing' in Lebanon that has gone before the courts since 1999 and found that behind the plea of offended honour lies the crime of femicide. She describes the patriarchal concepts of ‘deviant women' and ‘deficient men' in her research. Here she outlines some of her findings.