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Gender, Sexuality and the Criminal Laws in the Middle East and North Africa: A Comparative Study

February, 2005
Dr. Sherifa Zuhur, Women for Women's Human Rights--NEW WAYS

This study outlines key beliefs and principles that defined the course of legal approaches to issues affecting women in the Middle East and North Africa. Such topics include rape, adultery, honor killings, battery and wife-beating, murder, abortion, infanticide (where abortion is unavailable), sex trafficking, sex work, sexual abuse, incest, homosexuality, transsexuality, and FGM.

The Dynamics of Honor Killings in Turkey: Prospects for Action

November, 2005
Filiz Kardam, et. al.

Through this report, the UNDP and UNFPA seek to further contribute to the discussion and debate in Turkey about honor killings through perspectives from a cross-section of society: women and men of varying ages, educational levels, and social backgrounds; public officials; religious leaders; non-governmental organizations and the media. The report synthesis comprehensive and well-researched data to illuminate such topics as perceptions of honor ,cases of ‘dishonorable conduct’: causes and consequences and recommendations to stop honor killings.

Imprisonment to Protect Women against "Crimes of Honor", A Dual Violation of Civil Rights

January, 2010
Rana Husseini

Some Jordanian women commit a crime, serve their sentence and then walk free. Others – some of them guilty only in the eyes of their family and the society – end up in prison and never leave. This is the story of one of those women, Kifah, who is destined to probably spend the rest of her life in prison, because government authorities cannot release her out of fear she might be killed by her family.