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Strengthening the Protection of Women from Torture

January, 2008
Manfred Nowak

The Special Rapporteur on torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment submits his second report to the Human Rights Council. Chapter I summarizes the activities of the Special Rapporteur undertaken between August and December 2007 (i.e. the period since the submission of his interim report to the General Assembly, A/62/221), including updates on country visits, future visits and pending requests for invitations, and highlights of key presentations and meetings.

16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence - 2008 Theme Announcement

November, 2008
Center for Women's Global Leadership

The 2008 theme for the 14 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence was recently announced by the Center for Women's Global Leadership. This year's theme will be Human Rights for Women ‹—› Human Rights for All: UDHR60 Campaign.

Fact Sheet No.23, Harmful Traditional Practices Affecting the Health of Women and Children

Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights

Traditional cultural practices reflect values and beliefs held by members of a community for periods often spanning generations. Every social grouping in the world has specific traditional cultural practices and beliefs, some of which are beneficial to all members, while others are harmful to a specific group, such as women.