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A successful campaign to halt sharia laws in South Sulawesi

November, 2007
WEMC-Solidaritas Perempuan Anging Mammiri (SPAM), South Sulawesi

A successful campaign to halt sharia laws in South Sulawesi

Although most Indonesians are Muslims, Indonesia is a secular, multi-cultural state, which claims to uphold human rights, including the rights of the women citizens. However, WEMC research in the district of Bulukumba, Makassar, S. Sulawesi, shows that religion is being politicised with Islamists seeking to subvert the secular state through regulations and legislations, on the basis of their interpretations of Islam.

Shame: A documentary film about Honour Killings in Sindh, Pakistan

January, 2005
Sharjil Baloch

Synopsis: "Shame" is part of the honor killing awareness-raising campaign in rural Sindh and southern Punjab. The directors take to the road, documenting shocking interviews that uncover a deep-rooted gender bias in rural Pakistan as well as the first ever footage of a karion jo qabristan, an unmarked graveyard where victims of honor killing are buried without any ritual. An important and timely film.

Title: Shame | Director: Sharjil Baloch | Genre: Documentary | Produced In: 2005

Making the Rights of Children Effective and Enforceable


Policy advocacy and partnerships for children's rights
Legislative Reform Initiative

Harmonizing National Legislation with International Human Rights Instruments

The Catholic perspective on anti-VAW strategies within the Catholic Church

November, 2009
Sr. Mary John Mananzan, a feminist theologian and founder-honorary Chair of GABRIELA

The Role of Religious/Faith Based Organizations in the UN Secretary General's Campaign to End Violence Against Women in the Asia-Pacific Region

Presentation by Sr. Mary John Mananzan, given during the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) High Level Intergovernmental meeting (HLM) to review regional implimentation of the Beijing Platform for Action and its regional and global outcomes.

Sr. Mary John Mananzan is a feminist theologian and founder-honorary Chair of GABRIELA (a leading women's movement in the Philippines).

Violence, Gender, Culture and HIV - UNESCO

January, 2010

Overview and abstracts from UNESCO's upoming publication: The Fourth Wave


Canada - Polygyny & Canada's Obligations Under International Rights Law

September, 2006
Rebecca Cook

Direct Link to Full 138-Page Research Report:

"In analyzing Canada's commitments under international human rights law, this report will consider Canada's obligations to respect freedom of religion as well as guarantee equality between men and women. Although polygyny, as practised in Canada and elsewhere, engages freedom of religious arguments, it is important to note the distinction at law between religious belief and religous practice...

Reporting Gender Based Violence Handbook

January, 2009
IPS Africa

Inter Press Service (IPS) Africa has launched a new handbook for reporters to support sustained media coverage of gender-based violence beyond 16 Days of No Violence Against Women and Children.

Download the English version as PDF

Reporting Gender-based Violence was officially launched during a conference in Rome on Millennium Development Goal Three (MDG3) and the role of the media. MDG3 is to “Promote gender equality and empower women”.