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Remembering: A Tribute to Fallen WHRDs

Publication Date: 
March, 2015

This document, entitled "Remembering" was created by Women Living Under Muslim laws and delivered as a powerpoint presentation during the 59th session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) to review the 20th year of the Beijing Declaration and Platform of Action.  

Despite significant breakthroughs in the past 20 years, violence against women and girls justified in the name of religion, customs, traditions – in short, culture - remains unabated. Women continue to be persecuted and killed for making choices in life that are perceived to defy social norms.  

The presentation was created as a tribute to these women, to honour them and their sacrifices.  It reasserts the statement made by WLUML and the VNC campaign five years earlier at the 54th session of the CSW:

•Violence against women is never acceptable, whatever the justification offered. 

•Those who would deny us women our full range of human rights, including our right to life, security and dignity, must not be allowed to continue with impunity.  

Please download the file attached here to view the Powerpoint presentation.

It is also available as a pdf here.

VNC Campaign: